OSCAR Pet Food Seaford

Welcome to OSCAR Pet Foods Seaford – a convenient business delivering quality pet foods with nutritional expertise right to your door. From Bishopstone and East Blatchington through to Seaford, then up to Alfriston and East/West Dean, we offer a stunning selection of dog food, cat food and delicious treats as well as small animal bedding and quality pet care accessories.

OSCAR Pet Foods understand that what you feed your pets has a deep and lasting effect on their health, emotions, and behaviour. Our complete foods offer excellent all-round health at every life-stage, but many recipes cater to specific health issues such as skin conditions, digestive sensitivities, or obesity.
Word of mouth is often the best way to find pet foods that really work and that’s precisely how my wife, Tracey, and I discovered OSCARS 13 years ago. Our new puppy, Izzy, was having tummy trouble with the food she arrived home with until a friend recommended OSCAR – the improvement was amazing.
I’ve enjoyed looking after animals all my life, starting on my parent’s smallholding with donkeys, rabbits, geese, and a Shetland pony! As a grandparent now, I’m reminded of the special role that pets play in a family home.

I make my rounds in an electric van to save you precious time and fuel whilst reducing the environmental impact – a must in the beautiful countryside surrounding Seaford and in-keeping with OSCAR’s ethos with their fully recyclable bags. If you’re looking for quality pet food to provide the best quality of life for your pets, please give me a call.

Cat Starter Pack for only £7.00

For just £7 our cat food starter packs are a great way to discover delicious recipes and enjoy free home delivery! Every cat owner knows how choosy their cat can be when they’re in the mood to try something new! Our Starter Packs mean you can trial optimal nutrition in the comfort of your own home with a 400g starter bag of OSCAR complete dry cat food and a delicious tin of wet cat food, all perfectly packed into a long-lasting, reusable air tight storage tub!

Dog Starter Pack for only £10.00

Choosing quality nutrition for your dog is one of the most rewarding ways to show them you care. Our delicious Starter Packs are made with that in mind. Domestic dogs are known for choosing food with enhanced palatability and aroma but we know that what you choose to feed your dog has a deep and lasting effect on their health, emotions and behaviour. For just £10, they are an ideal way to discover optimal nutrition and enjoy free home delivery!