March Breakfast Meeting 2020

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At our meeting on Thursday 5 March we had 31 attendees.

Our Guest Speaker was Nick Mallinson from Seahaven FM – he explained that Seahaven FM was formed from an idea in 2006 but it took until 9th January 2011 before it was fully functional. Next January will be its 10th birthday. Along with broadcasting radio shows, Seahaven FM trains volunteers, help charities and organisations and can now cover outside broadcasts.

Seahaven FM

As a non-profit-making radio station, all presenters are volunteers. They have access to locally targeted and cost-effective advertising and can help local businesses by improving brand awareness. People listen to the radio in their cars, homes, shops and factories. This can mean that an advert could be heard more than once during the day building awareness. Radio and cinema have the lowest avoidance rate for media advertisement and is the most trusted of the advertising mediums. They have various advertising packages which they would be happy to speak to you about if you contact them.

Clare Davis and Nick Mallinson

The next meeting of Seaford Chamber is Thursday 2nd April 2020

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