February Breakfast Meeting 2020

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At the breakfast meeting on Thursday 6 February, Keith Blackburn gave an excellent presentation on the Neighbourhood Plan – upon which all Seaford residents were invited to vote in the Referendum taking place that same day.

The Neighbourhood Plan is not just about building more houses – or indeed the proposed Health Hub – it is about identifying historical places and identifying recreational facilities to be preserved for future generations. It is important that residents have a say in any development proposals in the town, rather than having them imposed by Lewes District.

Neighbourhood Plan

Whilst recognising the need for more affordable housing in Seaford, Keith was able to outline some of the criteria used to define the protected areas in order to understand the importance of the plan.

The Chamber was grateful to Keith for taking the time to explain it to us this morning and hopefully increasing awareness and engagement as a result.

Clare Davis and Keith Blackburn

The next breakfast meeting will be held on Thursday 5 March.

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