Best Dressed Window Winners 2018

Best Dressed Window Winners 2018

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On the 1st of December 2018, at the annual Seaford Christmas magic, Seaford Chamber of Commerce announced the winners for the best dressed window competition.

Each year Seaford Chamber of Commerce holds a competition for the best dressed window. Shop owners in the town centre are invited to get involved by dressing up their windows with a Christmas decorations and festive designs to fill the town with holiday cheer.

Despite the bad weather, the event was a great success.

This year we had an overwhelming response from retailers wanting to get involved, which meant the judges had a tough decision picking the winner. The judging panel consisted of the President for the Seaford Chamber of Commerce (Paul Franklin), The Deputy Mayor (Lindsey Freeman), The Young Mayor (Dominic Avey) and Deputy Young Mayor (James Jenkins).

After much deliberation, it was time to reveal the winners.

The Winner for the 2018 Best Window Display goes to Foam and Fabrics.
Foam and Fabrics

The judges loved the amount of time and thought that went into the window display. All the decorations seen in the window were hand made by Dawn Monk. She started making it all at the beginning of November to get the window finished in time.

Foam and Fabrics winners

The runners up for the Best Window Competition went to Millies, Ambers Florist and Badger inks.


Ambers Florist

Badger inks
Badger inks 2
Badger inks 3

The event will be returning again in 2019 and we’re sure the competition will be even tougher!

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