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House Clearance Co

Need help with Estate work, probate or house clearance, here are a few tips…

Always ask your solicitor or estate agent for a referral for people to assist you.
They will be recognised as professional trades persons which they will regularly use and trusted
to act in the best possible way for your benefit
Its quite often the case for people to contact traders in the local ads with now real knowledge of who
they are and how well they will do the job for you. The biggest group of people who take it for granted
are the older age group who take it for granted everyone will do a good job
If you have any rubbish taken away, make sure you get a receipt and the vehicle registration of the
person you have employed. There is a legal duty of care for you to make sure you have theses details and
they have disposed of your rubbish correctly, many cases still happen where the rubbish is fly tipped!
If you are thinking of clearing a property for sale, always ask your agent what is best, clear some of
the contents, all the contents or leave as it is. Agents vary in the way the market properties, some say clear,
some say its ok as it is.
As for the value of your contents, you should be guided by the probate valuer or an auctioneer
as to whether any of the contents would benefit by going to auction.

We hope you find these tips helpful but contact us now to learn more.

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