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Havens Community Hub CIC

Havens Community Hub volunteers and staff pride themselves in identifying unmet community need and creating pathways which ‘find a way – or make a way’:

Our first project launch was Havens Community Cars, a volunteer car driver scheme, which is now a CIO (charity) with over 20 volunteers and 450 members.

We have supported several groups in danger of immediate closure and by using our grass-roots network and knowledge of local funders and volunteers, have helped save the services for the community.

We are currently piloting two projects which we hope will become self-sustaining and continue to increase their considerable impact:

Havens Food Cooperative – launched during the Pandemic of 2020. A food waste and redistribution project now providing over 1 ton of perishable goods per week to a wide variety of community members and preventing landfill and associated C02 creation.

Havens Happy Clubs – a social interaction, loneliness-busting service for older people with creative activities, friendship and reduction of social isolation.

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